The story of Henry's

The brand Henry’s dates back to 1929. Its creator, Mr. Henri handcrafted the product in a small workshop located in a popular district of Casablanca. The biscuit was then sold in a tin box called “demi-tine” (half-tin), a unit of measure that corresponds to 1.5 kg.
After the 1940s, the factory was equipped with new machinery. Rotaries were industrialized and molding was implemented. Printing techniques were used and packaging was automated during this period. The factory became more and more efficient and its production capacity increased by 10 to 15% per year. The brand alone accounted for 95% of the factory’s production until the mid-1980s.
Today, Henry’s is a Moroccan company that sells around ten different biscuit products: dry and coated biscuits, madeleines and filled cigars. 

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